Communication and presentation skills training for individuals and groups in New York City
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Most of us were never taught how to communicate.

I founded PresentVoices to help people speak with power and presence at work. Every day,  I watch leaders and teams transform the way they interact with their work—and the world—through practical and personalized communication training for individuals and groups.

Articulate your ideas. Activate your presence. Amplify your voice.


How it works.

Today at work we speak in public constantly, and it’s rarely at a podium. I help people speak with more confidence and clarity at work—from impromptu conversations to speaking up in meetings.

One-on-one or in a group, everything I do is custom-built, personalized and interactive. I prioritize practical tools and real-work relevance to help you speak from a place of presence and power.

Group Workshops

Strengthen the collective voice of your organization through interactive workshops designed from the ground up.

Individual Coaching

Communicate with confidence and conviction, whether you’re public speaking or speaking up in meetings.








Communication matters.

I may be biased but most people agree—communication is the most necessary skill to get ahead in the world today. And yet, most of us are never taught how to communicate. 


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Leah Bonvissuto
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