Interactive Workshops 

Ideal for team offsites, conferences, and professional development trainings, my group workshops are filled with tangible tools to help participants articulate themselves and their ideas more clearly. I customize each workshop to make it work-relevant and provide data assessments to make soft skills measurable. Together, we build a shared language to communicate more effectively.  Through interactive practice, live coaching, and in-the-moment feedback, participants leave feeling heard and activated.  

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  • More efficient conversations and meetings

  • A shared team language around communication

  • Improved awareness and compassion

  • Increased productivity and engagement 


  • A customized workshop: 90-minute, 3-hour, or 5-hour formats

  • Two ½-hour telephonic consultations 

  • Data assessments to measure pain points and progress 

  • Unlimited communication via email

I loved working with Leah to develop a custom workshop on communication and personal brand for my colleagues. She is a fantastic collaborative partner and creates highly relevant, original content. Even the strongest communicators will gain valuable insights from Leah that they can easily put into practice.
— Bianca Buonaguro, Senior Associate @ Oxeon Partners

Focus Areas

  • Reframing public speaking  

  • Unconscious behaviors (fillers, qualifiers, apologies)

  • Non-verbal communication (body language, eye contact, tone of voice, rate of speech) 

  • Remote communication 

  • Presenting best practices 

  • Modulating for different stakeholders

  • Preparing for spontaneous speaking 

  • Articulating your story

  • Leadership style and managing up 

  • Brevity and listening 

  • Mindfulness and presence

  • Amplifying others 

  • Giving and receiving feedback 

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