Happy Birthday, PresentVoices!

Today marks my one year anniversary of creating PresentVoices.

Half a year after having a baby, I decided to birth a business. I envisioned a company that was personal to it's core, helping organizations speak their truth from the inside out. PresentVoices feels like home.

At the time, I asked many of you, What should I call it? A lot of people thought I should name the company after myself, since the work is so rooted in my own challenges speaking truthfully in important moments.

But I knew what you all know: This work is personal, but it isn't about me. It's about you. In team workshops and individual coaching sessions, thousands of you have confided in me that you also struggle with spontaneous speaking in moments that matter most at work. Through this work, you've been able to align your attention and presence, thoughts and words to speak with true internal confidence.

This year, I was determined to revamp the PresentVoices website to better articulate the work I do. Yes, I help people speak in public but it's so much more than that. Public speaking is everywhere and it's rarely at a podium. I wanted it to encapsulate the challenges that so many of you struggle with on a daily basis at work, in meetings, in hallways, in one-on-one's.

Today, I'm unveiling the brand new PresentVoices website and I could not be more excited to share it with you. It was developed in close collaboration, with visual branding by the vibrant Anthony Baxter and messaging developed with the exceptional help of Alex Honeysett of Human at the Helm (and heartfelt thanks to the brilliant Lisa Weinert and my fellow Narrative Healers). Thank you to the dozens more of you who have listened and contributed to the new site. I'm grateful and proud.

I have many more announcements coming soon, but for now, my ask is for you to visit the site and let me know what you think, and share it with someone who struggles with spontaneous speaking (who doesn't?).

Wishing you clarity and confidence as we move through these tricky times. If I can be helpful, I'm here.