I believe the spoken voice is the most powerful vehicle for change in the world. 

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Raised by a Broadway musician and a mime-turned-magician, I spent many years as a theater director where I felt constricted by the boundaries of the fourth wall and the rules of the stage. 

I started doing the work I do now in public hospitals in New York City, helping front-line staff improve patient experience. By using the tools of eye contact, physicality, breath, and voice, people felt more present and empowered in their day-to-day interactions.

Today, my work is living theater—I collaborate with real people and help them tell real stories in real situations at work. 

As the daughter of a mime, it is a rebellious act to devote my life to the spoken voice.

I do this work not because it comes naturally to me but because it doesn’t. For much of my life, I was unable to speak in a powerful way. As a theater director, I could confidently lead my team but the moment I had to talk about the work or promote myself, social anxiety and speaking nerves made it impossible to articulate myself well. 


This work is for people who have trouble articulating themselves in important moments.

I’ve developed a system of tangible tools that has helped thousands of people feel more confident and in control of professional conversations and interactions. Every day, I witness people transform the way they interact with their work—and the world—by incorporating tangible tools of awareness, physicality, and presence.

Leah Bonvissuto, Founder