Individual Coaching Process 

Do you articulate yourself well in important moments?

When I work with individuals, I design a customized process to improve conversational communication, presentation skills, presence, and leadership style. Our sessions are packed with tangible tools that are evidence-based, work-relevant, and personalized for you. Together, we build a process to be activated in any moment of spontaneous speaking, leading to more confidence and clarity in conversations. 

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  • Speak with impact and influence

  • Lead with intention

  • Manage speaking nerves 

  • Articulate ideas with clarity 


  • Five 90-minute sessions over three months 

  • Data assessments to measure pain points and progress

  • Roadmap of tools built for you

  • Unlimited communication via email 

  • Supporting interviews and observation as needed

Working with Leah from PresentVoices was truly life changing. The work has allowed me to communicate in ways I never before realized, both in professional and personal settings. I thought I was a good communicator coming into this work, only to find out the opposite, that there was so much room to develop my communication skills and use it in ways that aid both myself and those around me. I highly recommend this work to anybody looking to increase their understanding of their own communication style and who want to be able to use communication in more meaningful ways.
— Rob Fenton, National Account Management Lead, Caviar @ Square

Focus Areas

  • Reframing public speaking  

  • Unconscious behaviors (fillers, qualifiers, apologies)

  • Non-verbal communication (body language, eye contact, tone of voice, rate of speech) 

  • Remote communication 

  • Presenting best practices 

  • Modulating for different stakeholders

  • Preparing for spontaneous speaking 

  • Articulating your story

  • Leadership style and managing up 

  • Brevity and listening 

  • Mindfulness and presence

  • Amplifying others 

  • Giving and receiving feedback 

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