Individual Coaching

Feel more confident and in control of your communication.

Client  Speakizi @  Eyeview

Client Speakizi @ Eyeview

A process is designed entirely for you to improve confidence and executive presence.

Whether you're interrupted at work, preparing for a presentation, or seeking tools to advocate for yourself in the workplace, I act as an outside eye and sounding board.

I listen to your goals and build a program just for you that incorporates personalized and practical tools to help you speak with conviction and confidence.

I recommend starting with a package of three sessions spread out over a month. That allows us to gain momentum and for me to give you actionable tasks to work into your professional life between sessions to improve communication for the long-term.

Coaching is offered in person or via video. We can work in a space provided by you that is quiet, private, and centrally located, or I can rent a space for an additional charge.



Articulate ideas

Speak off-the-cuff

Think on-your-feet

Build executive presence

Defuse public speaking nerves

Prepare for impromptu conversations

Practice public speaking

Identify unconscious behaviors

Tackle Impostor Syndrome

Command a room

Harness body language

Improve active listening  

Engage an audience