There's a communication crisis at work—70% of small to mid-size businesses say that ineffective communication is their primary problem.

Public speaking is everywhere and it’s rarely at a podium—it is videoconferencing, giving and receiving feedback, speaking up in team meetings, and impromptu presentations.

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What I Do

I work with leaders, teams, and organizations in interactive training programs designed to transform miscommunication into productivity. Every day, I witness people transform the way they interact with their work—and the world—by incorporating tangible tools of awareness, physicality, and presence.

Working with sales teams, data scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, remote teams, executives, and administrators, I help people manage speaking nerves, prepare for spontaneous speaking, have challenging conversations, speak on video, slow their rate of speech, give and receive feedback, think on their feet, and be more present. 



CounterCulture is a dynamic program designed in collaboration with leadership to amplify voices at all levels of the organization.


My interactive workshops are filled with tangible tools to help participants articulate themselves and their ideas more clearly.


I design a customized process to help individuals improve conversational communication, presentation skills, presence, and leadership style.

Leah turbo-charged our team’s focus and enthusiasm while giving them concrete tips on how to make every interaction with customers count. The team is raving about their experience, standing tall, speaking powerfully and connecting with each other in new ways.
— Brian Schecther, CEO @ SelfMade



improved ability to communicate with confidence


Improved ability to have challenging conversations



improvement in team meetings


absolutely learned actionable and practical tools


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